Our ship

The “Passie” in short!

The “Passie en Strijd” was built in 1907 in Zwartsluis as a sailing freighter for a wealthy captain. It was in those days a very modern steel ship.

What are we talking about?

  • Lenght 24,85m
  • Width 4,85
  • Draft 1,20 m
  • Engine: Volvo 92 PK 6 cylinder diesel
  • 3 batteries 180 Ah
  • Converter 2000 w
  • 6 kva diesel aggregaat new
  • Steel mast (2004)
  • 1 New mainsail 120 m2 Molenaar Grouw
  • 1 older mainsail
  • 4 front sails
  • 2 X 1000 liter drinking water steel tank, 2004
  • 1X700 liter waste water tank under the bathroom floor
  • Hot tap water through the diesel Central Heating system or through a gas heater (2003)

The changes we made in 2010:

  • 24 V batterybank of 490 Ah;
  • 12 V start battery of 180 Ah;
  • Victron Quattro charger/inverter 2000 w;
  • 2X540 liter tanks for heating oil;
  • 1X450 liter tank for engine oil;
  • Hot water through diesel CV;
  • 2 new Bankirai side boards with electrical winches;
  • New hatch on the roef;
  • Old front bulkhead taken away and a new watertight collision bulkhead was placed;
  • Navigation lights placed in the mast and on deck level;
  • New instrument panel at the back of the roef.

The list of changes made in 2011:

  • Bollards extended to the deck for extra strengths;
  • New mainsail boom and gaff;
  • Extra 3rd shroud on the mast;
  • 2 old sailwinches replaced with one 5 rols winch and a nailbar;
  • Front sail traveller moved for better placement on the mast deck;
  • Backstays placed on the roeftop;
  • Mainsail winch guidance improved;
  • Forestay moved to the schips bow;
  • New boom for the jib and new jib from Global Sails;
  • New bowsprit and outer jib;
  • New wood cover of the steering mechanism and hatch underneath;
  • Electrical power for the anchor winch;
  • Grease pump of the shaft replaced;
  • Speed and depth transducer mounted in the hull and display near the roef entrance.

The list of changes made in 2012/2013:

The roef has been completely emptied on the inside and rebuild by Ventis in Enkhuizen. This meant that Anja and I had to come up with the bright ideas on what it should look like and the people from Ventis (with Niels in the lead) used all their skills to invent the best way to make it happen

For pictures see the article “A Nova Zembla winter at Ventis, Enkhuizen”

Diesel heater: Completely in line with Murphy’s law our diesel heater stopt functioning when winter was at its worst.
Hans Tekstra (www.hi-tek.nl) perfectly installed a brand new Gavina 20 GTI Confort SP ketel in its place.

Ballast: Since our first activities, when a lot of heavy stuff was moved to the port side of the engine room, our ship slightly leans over to port. We brought in correction weights on starboard in the engine room to compensate.

AirMar: I always wanted a windset on the ship but the vulnerable plastic stuff never could make me happy. The AirMar PB150 is a small miracle without any moving parts that can measure:

  • True Wind
  • Apparent Wind
  • Air Temperature
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Wind Chill
  • Compass
  • 3-Axis Accelerometer
  • NMEA 0183 / RS422